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S-DAI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD of used plastic bag making machines and related equipment for use in most plastic bag and pouch applications. We buy and sell side seal bag machines, bottom seal bag machines, pouch machines, bag machine accessories, and other plastic bag making machine, bag making machine, which include crimped, wicketted, sleeve type, t-shirt, and combination side & bottom seal bag machines.
Flower Bag Making Machine


Flower Bag Making Machine

Manufacturer of bag making machine, packaging machinery, automatic, food packing, flexible package, handle, shopping, paper, pp, woven bag, film blowing, plastic bag making, sealing, cutting, slitting, rewinding, laminating, printing, recycling machine, equipment and more.
Flower Bag Making Machine
Flower Bag Making Machine
Available for make Flower bag, umbrella bag, necktie bag, vegetable,
bonsai bag…etc.
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Flower Bag Making Machine
Flower Bag Making Machine
Flower Bag Making Machine
  SDH-800SC SDH-1000SC
W Max. 500 mm 600 mm
A Min. 40 mm 40 mm
L Max. 700 mm 900 mm
  SDH-800SC SDH-1000SC
Length of bag 700 mm 900 mm
Width of bag 40 - 500 mm 40 - 600 mm
Speed pc/minute 140 pc Max. 100 pc Max.
Thickness 0.015 ~ 0.08 mm 0.015 ~ 0.08 mm
Motor 2 HP 2 HP
Heater 2.5 kW 3.5 kW
Power required 5.0 kW 7.5 kW
Machine Dimensions (L×W×H) 5.6 × 1.6 × 1.8 m 5.6 × 1.8 × 1.8 m
Machine Weight 2600 kg 2800 kg
Machine Packing (L×W×H) 5.8 × 1.8 × 1.9 m 5.8 × 2.0 × 1.9 m
Packing Weight 2900 kg 3100 kg
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*For machines with servo system, the model number will contain “NC”.
Flower Shape Bag Making Machine - SDH-800SC/ SDH-1000SC

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