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Global Customized Sleeve Making Machine Manufacturer

S-Dai is a global ploy sleeve making machinery supplier in Taiwan, manufacturing customized automatic plastic sleeves bag machinery, equipment and related products to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany, United States, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa and Saudi Arabia at an affordable price, which capable of producing v shape or trapezoid shape of the side sealing bags for polythene or Kraft paper, like flowers, vanilla plant, potted, vegetables, cream, candy sleeve bags making.

Plastic Flower sleeves made by S-DAI Sleeve Making Machine    
Plastic Flower sleeves made by S-DAI V-type umbrella bag making machine    

Related Machines for Poly Flower, Plants, Bouquet, Umbrella Sleeves

Depending on your auto production line needs on ploythene cone shaped, V shaped bags, refer to the following five related machines, we can provide you with the production system of fully customized flowers, plants, bouquet, Umbrella and all the other v shaped sleeve bag making machine. In the manufacture of ploy V shaped bags, based on more than 30 years of experience in plastic bag making machine manufacturing, S-Dai can produce customized automatic poly side sealing machinery for sleeve making for you and meet all types of specifications and features. In addition to the common ploythene materials such as BOPP and CPP, we can also create a high quality customized kraft paper sleeve machine for the automatic production of packaging paper sleeve bag for flowers, packaging plants and crops. Welcome to use email to get in touch with us and make an inquiry.

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