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S-Dai is a global plastic bag manufacturing machinery model supplier in Taiwan, providing automatic plastic bag machinery, equipment and related products to United States, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, El Salvador, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and China at a fair price, which capable of producing designed v shape or trapezoid shape of the hot side sealing bags for polythene or kraft brown paper, fresh flowers, vanilla plant, potted, vegetables, cream, candy packaging bags mannufacturing. Regarding the issue of other applicable plastic raw material such as BOPP, CPP, OPP, CPP, HDPE, PE and PVC, we sincerely welcome you to write a e-mail to inquire us for more details.

Plastic Flower sleeves made by S-DAI Sleeve Making Machine    
Plastic Flower sleeves made by S-DAI Machine    

Sleeve Making Machine Products for Flower, Plants, Bouquet, Umbrella

Depending on your multi auto production line needs on ploythene cone shaped, V shaped bags, printing sleeves refer to the following five related machines, we can provide you with the production system of fully customized size (width and length, regarding max and min size, please write email to inquire) and customized shape flowers, plants, bouquet, Umbrella and all the other v shaped bag manufacturing & forming machinery product. In the high speed manufacture of ploy V shaped bags, based on more than 30 years of experience in plastic bag making machines manufacturing, S-DAI Industrial company can produce poly side sealing machine automatic for customized capacity and specification of bags manufacturing for you and meet all types of specifications and features on side seal bag making. In addition to the common ploythene materials such as BOPP and CPP. Not semi automatic, we can also create a high quality fully automatic customized kraft paper bags manufacturing machinery for the automatic production of packaging paper bag for flowers or cup, packaging plants and crops. Welcome to use email to get in touch with us and make an inquiry. From a little single wire conduit tube, power control unit, digital control panel, tension control device, to a huge steel roll rewinder, we set a stricter quality control policy than other manufacturers, and complete each customized plastic bag manufacturing machinery with a rigorous attitude.

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Welcome to click on the video below to watch our latest video in this category. We also sincerely invite you to go to S-DAI Industrial's official YouTube channel. From S-DAI's most popular automatic grade flower sleeve bag making machine to the latest kraft paper bag making machine, with the guidance of various categories playlists on the channel, you can view the profile, each view from various angles, and performance information of each machine in various industrial manufacturing applications. S-DAI has more than 35 years of experience in custom-designed plastic bag making machines, and can provide you with the most complete manufacturing instructions and after-sales service. Every new customized manufacturing business is a driving force that drives us to continue to make progress, to design a plastic bag making machine that best meets customer's needs. If you want to negotiate or oder machines for such applications, please click Contact on the main menu to get in touch with us. Note: Our company currently does not provide manufacturing services for shrink label glue sealing machine & small air bubble bag making machine.

The latest model: 2 lines mode, higher production efficiency

Best selling model: equipped with wicket device and high-speed side sealing and cutting

Classic model: Efficient plastic flower sleeve bag manufacturing machine line

The latest kraft paper bag machine: suitable for a variety of agricultural vegetables

Best selling kraft paper bag machine model: