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Plastic Flower Bag Making Machine SDH-1000SC-RW

  • S-DAI is a global plastic machinery and related parts manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan. We providing customized plastic flower, candy, grape, sandwich sleeve film manufacturing machine with servo drive to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Czech, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Kenya, Nigeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam at a reasonable price. SDH-1000SC-RW new design model is the latest high speed plastic flower shape bag making machine developed by S-DAI, producing customized poly sleeve bag, conical bag and cone bag for bouquet or food packaging. In addition to being equipped with the highest-end servo drive, this triangle sleeve film sealing machine is also more efficient in the punching system. We have a large space flexibility in many specifications of customized machine manufacturing from min to max. Thanks to advanced perforation devices and more flexible cutting devices, SDH-1000SC-RW can produce high quality micro perforated triangular plastic bags for a wider variety of uses. This customized machine produced by S-DAI is mainly supplied to Eastern Europe, Central and South America, Africa. The clients in Eatern Europe such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries in the Slavic region, as well as other emerging market countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, continuously order and inquire about this flower bags manufacturing machine.
  • Product features
    • - Fully automatic stacking conveyor, don't need workers to pick bags up from conveyor unit.
    • - Stack held together with automatic hot needles.
    • - High accuracy outfeed length controlled by AC servo motor drive.
    • - High accuracy printing controlled by precision photocell.
    • - 2 material rolls at unwinder work simultaneously.
    • - Quick to change bag shape and size.
    • - Available for plastic conical bag and cone shape bag manufacturing.
    • - Clean, elegant and secure bag sealing.
    • - High efficiency, high speed, long term operations.
    • - Easy to operate or stop, several machines can be operated by one person at the same time.
    • - More flexible design combined with punching system.
    • - It can also be used in the production line of plastic candy bag, grape bag and sandwich packaging bag.
    • - All new model of triangle flower shape film manufacturing machinery with fast production and stable quality.

    Menu of optional equipment
    • - Round hole punch.
    • - Multi hole punch.
    • - Edge positioning controller (EPC).
    • - Up & down register device.
    • - Wineglass shaped heat sealing Mold.
    • - Advacnced bottom seal device.

    Global Plastic Flower Sleeve Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

    S-DAI is one of the global polythene bag manufacturing and packaging machinery production line manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan, providing paper & plastic sleeve bag manufacturing machinery line and related parts to the sleeves and bags manufacturing industry over the world at a fair price. Based on rich expecience on T shirt bag making machine bag, patch handle bag, garbage bag making machine flower sleeve field only & high-end side sealing bag making machines technology, we maily provide kinds of customized side seal bag applications such as flower bags film for bouquet wrapping, plastic umbrella bag, candy bag, grape packing sleeve pouch, sandwich sleeve, conical bag, cone bag, triangle sleeve and courier bag manufacturing machine with auto servo drive to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Czech, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria, China, India, Pakistan, Sri lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam at a reasonable price. S-DAI sincerely welcome you to visit our official YouTube Videos channel, and learn more about S-DAI's all types of customized manufacturing capabilities by watching the actual running machines in each video. You can watch the most popular this kind of machine video on our YouTube Channel, or click the video tag above to watch the embedded video on current page, we firmly believe that these videos can guide you to quickly understand what our highspeed machine products and finished sleeve bags look like. We also sincerely welcome you to add our YouTube channel to your follow list. Every customer who has cooperated with us for many years often watches every process from feed raw materials, heating seal, to finished product output through videos on our YouTube channel, and has a better understanding of our excellent mechanical manufacturing capabilities.

    Quality Flower Shape Bag Manufacturing with Top Side Sealing & cutting

    Relying on the over 45 years rich customized experience of the R&D team and the fine computer drawing ability,S-DAI Industrial have a large space flexibility in many specifications of high quality automatically plastic bag making machine production line manufacturing from wide to height, from to min to max, and no function is manual. Thanks to the advanced perforation devices, flexible designed cutting devices, rich experience on the manufacturing of automatic bag on roll side sealing machine, durable performance and quality, and function integration management, SDH-1000SC-RW can produce the best micro perforated triangle plastic sealing bag for a wider variety of uses, and offer you a more flexible range on customized transformation service. This custom-made plastic flower shape sleeve manufacturing machine line with wicket model and related auxiliary equipment products produced by S-DAI is mainly supplied to Eastern Europe, Central and South America, Africa, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and other countries in the Slavic region. Other emerging market countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chile, Ecuador, Chile, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa and Turkey also continuously order and inquire about the information of this new bag manufacturing machine flower shaped model application. There is no shopping cart mechanism on this website. If you have any needs, please fill in the inquiry form directly on the contact page, or send us an email directly.

    Highly Customized Poly Sleeve Manufacturing Machinery Design Service

    The same broadly applicable to flowers and packaging plants, but different from other flower sleeve film manufacturing related products, SDH-1000SC-RW is the latest plastic flower shape bag manufacturing machinery model with integration planning of precision punch, knife cutting, sealing functions developed by US. In addition to being equipped with the special and highest end servo drive control in each forming step and processing course, this machine bag plant is also more efficient in the power punching and cutting systems, and can be applied to a variety of plastic materials including LDPE, HDPE. In addition, we can also customize micro perforated breathable water proof plastic flower sleeves suitable for various molds. Easy operation, suitable for factories with less manpower. Applicable to the manufacture of biodegradable poly raw material bags. If you have requirements for flower bag models made of paper material, please refer to SDH-800SC-GP. If you have any need in special shape, weight on the categories of flower bag, welcome to inquire us. We sincerely provide your business with free quotes for customized converting machine manufacturing services on the contact us page of this web site. Remarks: This machine model does not provide customized manufacturing for the production of woven and recycling poly material sleeves. S-DAI provide you complete services from consultation, discussion of customized profile designs, to final delivery and carefully set up at your factory. Remarks: We have not yet provided a solution for OPP materials, and if there is anyone single or multiple products catalog of our company that appears on the PRM TAIWAN or Polaris related website, it is not legally authorized information.

  • flower sleeve bag making machine SDH-1000SC-RW
    Model SDH-1000SC-RW
    Material BOPP, CPP
    Width of Bag dist : 350 ~ 750 mm
    Length of Bag dist : 450 ~ 750 mm
    Speed ① 120 Cycle x (2)
    Thickness ② BOPP 0.015 ~ 0.08 mm
    CPP 0.02mm ~ 0.08mm
    Unwind Diametet 500 mm

    ① Depend on bag size and material type and thickness

    ② Depend on material type

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    *For machines with servo system, the model number will contain “NC”.