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Zipper Bag Making Machine SDH-263SZ

  • automatic poly zipper bag making machine, grip bag making machine produced by S-Dai industrial in Taiwan
  • Product features
    • - Highly precision sealing and cutting control provided by a high quality programming.
    • - The machine employs an AC servo motor for outfeed length size.
    • - Automatic positioning when machine stops.
    • - Empolys high precision photocell sensor for high accuracy of print registration.
    • - Imported European conveyor belt for long life.
    • - Unwind by auto edge positioning controller.
    • - Zip profile by auto feeding.
    • - Zip by continuous sealing system.
    • - Ruggedly constructed for maximum stability during high speed operations.
    • - Touch screen for easy setting
    • - Automatic stop when zipper finished
    • - This machine can be customized for special types of zipper pouch bags

    Optional equipment
    • - Round hole punching device.
    • - Ultrasonic longitudinal sealing device.
    • - Auto slider insertion device.
    • - Handle puncher.
    • - Perforation for easy tear.
    • - Square bottom device.
    • - K sealing device.
    • - Pocket attach device.
    • - Auto-hanger insert device.
    • - Bottom sealing device.

    Automatic & High speed zipper bag making machine

    S-DAI Industrial is a world-renowned polythene bag making machine & side seal bags making machinery supplier in Taiwan, we are good at manufacturing highly customized side sealing plastic bag making machine. Based on our early manufacturing experience in bag on roll and low-end plastic bag making machinery, we can design and manufacture customized poly bags making machinery from min to max. We can also customize and manufacture best platsic bag making machine products suitable for each specified plastic material in accordance with various packaging application fields. S-DAI can provide highly custom designed and manufacturing services on grip, slider, zipper bags manufacturing machinery to you at a reasonable price. If you have special specifications (special thickness or special dist in width) for this type of bag making machine due to some special applications, you are sincerely welcome to write an email to contact us and tell us the detailed information about the specifications. If you have any advanced attachment requirements for this type of machinery, or need to discuss the lastest customized specifications or sizes with us, you are sincerely welcome to contact us via email, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

    Over 35 years of experience in manufacturing Bag Making Machine

    Based on over 35 years of experience in manufacturing customized side seal bag making machine, we can provide you highly cutomized slider bag making machine zipper bags converting machinery. With a customized view, we manufacture high-quality production line machinery with special specifications, special capacity, automation solution, and special speed for each customer. We are a manufacturer company that always thinks from the customer's perspective. This machine and related machinery products can be applied to any printed plastic film material and can cooperate smoothly with the plastic bag printing machine. We are confident to bring the best efficiency to your factory in the production of plastic zipper aor grip bags. Intellectual property rights statement please be sure to read : If there is any product catalog of the company that appears on the PRM TAIWAN or Polaris related website, it is not legally authorized information. We always think about the designing and manufacturing of machinery from the perspective of your users, and use this professional attitude to create every customized machinery and equipment for the plastic bag manufacturing industry. We will always stand together with your plastic zipper bag, zip lock bag, and grip bag production goals from the same thinking perspective.

  • Model SDH-263S-NC-Z
    Width of Bag 8 - 60 cm
    Length of Bag Max.60 cm
    Speed / Pcs / Minute Max. 50 - 120
    Heater 3.5 kW
    Power Required 6 kW
    Packing Dimensions
    700× 150 × 205 cm

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    *To ensure technological excellence, specifications are subject to change without notice.