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Embossing & Gusseting Machine SD-CD-40

  • Product features
    • - Air shaft: Air shaft on unwinder maximizes unloading speed.
    • - Variable speed: Variable main speed, maximum speed - 60 meters per minute provides high capacity.
    • - Convenient gusseting: Guaranteed gusset quality without being affected by air pressure variation. Adjustable gusset depth, range: 25-75mm.
    • - Comprehensive safety guards: The machine is equipped with an emergency stop wire. If an abnormal situation occurs, the operator can quickly pull the wire to immediately stop the machine.
    • - Superior knurling effect: The specially designed machine structure combined with an outstanding control system assures superior embossing operations.
    • - Edge position controller: The unwinder is equipped with an edge position controller.

    Suitable materials
    • - PE.
  • Model SD-CD40
    Machine Speed 10-60M/min, depending on material
    Material Width Max. 750mm
    Min. 450mm
    Material Thickness 0.1~0.3mm
    Gusseting Depth 25mm~75mm
    Power Required 6kw
    Machine Dimensions 580x240x330cm
    Packing Dimensions 275x230x200cm
    Net Weight 2950kg
    Gross Weight 4500kg

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.