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Plastic Film Embossing Machine with Gusseting SD-CD-40

  • S-DAI is a global gusseting machine and plastic film embossing machine manufacturer in Taiwan, providing related plastic bag making machines and customized service to Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Kenya, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Thailand at a reasonable price.
  • Product features
    • - Air shaft: Air shaft on unwinder maximizes unloading speed.
    • - Variable speed: Variable main speed, maximum speed - 60 meters per minute provides high capacity.
    • - Convenient gusseting: Guaranteed gusset quality without being affected by air pressure variation. Adjustable gusset depth, range: 25-75mm.
    • - Comprehensive safety guards: The machine is equipped with an emergency stop wire. If an abnormal situation occurs, the operator can quickly pull the wire to immediately stop the machine.
    • - Superior knurling effect: The specially designed machine structure combined with an outstanding control system assures superior embossing operations.
    • - Edge position controller: The unwinder is equipped with an edge position controller.

    Suitable materials
    • - PE.

    Customized Plastic Film Embossing Machine with Gusseting

    Based on over 35 years experience on pvc bag, T shirt bag, bag on roll bag making machine, now S-DAI already can provide higher end machinery manufacturing service for you. S-DAI Industrial provides you with customized manufacturing services on film embossing equipment and gusseting machinery products. We have the advanced technology to create beautiful embossed patterns on heavy duty and thicker plastic bags, and can meet your needs on high-quality embossed and plastic bag gusseting production machines. We are confident that we can design and produce the best solution for you and the necessary auxiliary equipment and machinery when cooperating with embossed plastic bags and special packaging production lines.

  • Model SD-CD40
    Machine Speed 10-60M/min, depending on material
    Material Width Max. 750mm
    Min. 450mm
    Material Thickness 0.1~0.3mm
    Gusseting Depth 25mm~75mm
    Power Required 6kw
    Machine Dimensions 580x240x330cm
    Packing Dimensions 275x230x200cm
    Net Weight 2950kg
    Gross Weight 4500kg

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.