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Machine for Clear Hanger Bag with Buttons Making SDH-263SB

  • S-DAI is a manufacturer of custom machine for poly clear hanger garment bag with buttons making, providing solution of hanger cloth bag to Bangladesh & India.
  • Product features
    • - Manufacturing poly clear garment bag hanger with buttons for clothing packaging.
    • - Based on fully automatic side sealing bag making machine model.
    • - Precision sealing & cutting control provided by servo motor.
    • - This poly hanger & botton bag making machine have auto stop function if material runs out.
    • - High accuracy of pivot points tracing provided by advanced precision photocell sensor.
    • - Auto stop if printing mark out of the original position.
    • - Imported high speed conveyor belt & electronic parts for a long service life.
    • - Convenient to change for the specific bag shapes what you want.
    • - Ruggedly constructed for maximum stability at high speed time.
    • - Zip profile by auto feeding device.
    • - Zip by continuous sealing system.
    • - Can be customized into various bag on roll type bag making machine for poly transparent hanger bag with bottons making used for packaging in the garment industry of India and Bangladesh.

    Optional equipment
    • - Round hole punching device.
    • - Butterfly (Euro hole) puncher.
    • - Auto-conveyor table.
    • - Edge positioning controller (EPC).
    • - Heating line device.
    • - Vertical continuous sealing device.
    • - Bag dividing device.
    • - Glue applicator unit.
    • - Glue skip.
    • - Ultrasonic longitudinal sealing device.
    • - In line folding device.
    • - Auto Hanger insert device.
    • - Auto button insert device.
    • - Other related devices & units required for poly clear button bag with hanger hook manufacturing.

    Custom Machine for Garment Clear Hanger Bag with Buttons Making

    S-DAI Industrial is a famous poly bag making machine manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, mainly providing coutomized bag making machine & clear clothing bag making machine production line to plastic clear garment hanger bag with snap buttons manufacturers in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka at an affordable price, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chittagong, Gujarat, Dhaka, Bangalore, Kolkata, Khulna, Rajshahi, Barisal, Sylhet, Colombo and Rangpur. Every custom machine adopts the advanced precision cutting control system provided by servo motor, making the finished hanger bag with buttons more stable in the each converting process, and you can also get all the digital information through the panel screen of the bag making machinery.

  • Model SDH-263SB
    Available Material PP, OPP, CPP, LDPE, HDPE
    Width of Bag 50 - 600 mm
    Length of Bag Max.600 mm
    Speed pc minute
    (Depends on material, bag type and size)
    Max. 200
    (Depends on material type)
    0.015~0.08 mm
    Heater 2 kW
    Motor 1.5 HP
    Power Required 5.5 kW
    Packing Dimensions
    310 × 145 × 205 cm
    Weight N.W.: 1220 kg
    G.W.: 1520 kg

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    *This machine products with servo system the model number will with (NC). S-DAI is a poly clothing hanger bag making machine manufacturer in Taiwan, mainly providing the customized clear hanger bag with buttons making machine for packaging in clothing & garment industry to Bangladeshi, India, Vietnam, Pakistan and Sri Lanka at a reasonable price.