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Perforation & Slitting SD-1200 SLP

  • S-Dai is a global plastic bag making machine manufacturer, providing customized machine for to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Spain, US, Mexico, Ecuado, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama, Kenya, Nigeria at an affordable price.
  • Product features
    Slitting features:
    • - Advanced slitter device for film with powerful 5HP AC motor drive for variable speeds.
    • - Smooth feeding provided by edge position controller (EPC) on the unwinder.
    • - Powder brake on unwinder ensures accurate tension control on applicable films.
    • - Powder clutch on rewinder ensures accurate tension control on applicable films.
    • - Micrometric offset automatic tension controller on the unwinder and rewinder.
    • - Equipped plastic stretch slitter device for film with counter.
    • - Convenient and fast product unloading provided by air shaft on the rewinder.
    • - Convenient and fast material loading provided by air operated shaftless unwinder.
    • - Waste material blower for efficient collection.
    • - Easy to operate, save manpower, and produce fast plastic slitting machine.
    Perforation features:
    • - Equipped with an electrostatic removing device to eliminate electrostatic problems.
    • - Equipped with the auto-stop function with the ultrasonic sensor device when material blanking.
    • - Advanced plastic film micro perforation machine equipped with Germany hot pin.

    Available material
    • - PP, CPP, BOPP, HDPE, LDPE and single layer film.

    Optional equipment
    • - LPC.
    • - Paper core cutting machine.
    • - Special hot pin roller (size & distance & type).

    Highly Customized Micro Perforating Machine Manfacturer

    S-DAI is not only a plastic bag making machine manufacturer, but also a plastic bag mechinery auxiliary equipment manufacturer in Taiwan. We have a very wide range of manufacturing capabilities in peripheral auxiliary equipment products, so we have won recognition and praise from many plastic bag production factories. Taking this mirco perforating machine model as an example, we can create a completely customized micro perforator with specific hole size, drilling speed, hole width, and hole spacing. In more than 35 years of experience, we have developed and manufactured countless auxiliary equipment related to polythene bag making machines products. Taking this micro perfortion machine as an example, we have sold more than 200 machines to factories in as many as 50 countries. If you have a request for a customized machine, or you need help with technical issues regarding the film perforation of special materials, you are welcome to write to us with more information, and S-DAI Industrial will reply to you as soon as possible.

  • Model SDH-1200SLP
    Slitting Speed 120 M/Min
    Perforation Speed 60 M/Min
    Product Width 150 - 1200 mm
    Shaft Width 1300 mm
    Material Diameter 600 mm (Max.)
    Porduct Diameter 420 mm (Max.)
    Rewinder Core Diameter 3" ø
    Machine Dimensions (L × W × H) 3.14 × 1.95 × 1.94 m
    Packing Dimensions (L × W × H) 3.34 × 2.15 × 2.14 m
    Net Weight 2600 kg
    Gross Weight 3200 kg