Home Machines Bottom Sealing Machine (< 100 Microns) SDH-204P

Bottom Sealing Machine Bottom Sealing ( < 100 Microns) SDH-204P

Auto-High Speed Sealing & Perforation Rewind Machine for Pre-Open Bag

  • S-DAI is a global polythene bottom sealing machine manufacturer in Taiwan, providing customized plastic film buttom sealing bag machine such as SDH-204P with cutting device to Eastern Europe countries like Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Czech and also to Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Kenya at a good price.
  • Outstanding Bottom Sealing Machine Qualities

    • - Plastic sealing knives make the sealed foundation of the bags firm and pretty.
    • - Manufactures thick poly-bags.
    • - Two lines sorting and auto feeding of this bottom seal bag making machine.
    • - Highly customized polythene bottom sealing and cutting machine manufacturing capabilities.

    Available Products
    • Countless uses for thick polythene bags, packaging salt, material, rice, jujubes, guavas, pebbles, sugar, screws, pesticides, refrigerated, fruit and vegetable, heavy shopping bag items etc. S-DAI is one of the best bottom sealing machine manufacturers in the world, we can also customize the poly bottom sealing machine for the film or seal bags that you need to produce.

    Optional equipment
    • - 45° seal for standing bag.
    • - Free tension device for strong seal.
    • - EPC (edge position control)
    • - Puncher device & puncher
    • - Rewind device
    • - Perforation device
    • - Pre-open device

    Suitalble materials
    • - LDPE, HDPE.
  • Model SDH-204P
    Rewind paper core 76mm
    Rewind diameter 350mm
    Material type LDPE
    Width of Bag 180, 250, 350mm Max.
    Length of Bag 250mm ~ 500mm Max.
    Speed (depend on size, bag type, material type & thickness) 50- 70 PCS/ Min Max.
    Thickness (depend on material type) 0.050 ~ 0.08mm
    Heater 2.2 KW
    Motor 2 HP
    Packing dimensions
    372 × 227 × 187 cm

    *Specifications are subject to change on the bottom sealing bag making machine without notice.
    *For machines with servo system, the model number will contain “NC”.
    *All Specification depend on how your bottom sealing bags design (option equipment).