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Plastic Film Folding Machine & Rewinding System TB-1500AE

  • S-DAI is a global poly folding machinery manufacturer in Taiwan, providing customeized triangle shape, v-folding type, and plastic sandwich sheet folding machine with rewinding system to United States, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Portugal and also to Central and South America such as Mexico, Ecuador, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, and also to Asia emerging markets such as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and the Middle East at an affordable price. All film folding machine are automatic for sheet folding available on OPP, CPP, PE and many other poly materials.
  • Features and construction
    • - For single sheet folding on OPP, CPP and PE film(no BOPP).
    • - Stable, smooth product outfeed provided by synchronized unwinding and rewinding motors.
    • - Semi - automatic tension control on unwinder.
    • - Fast and convenient material handling provided by air operated shaftless unwinder, and raise & fall device.
    • - Edge position controller (EPC) on unwinder ensures smooth and neat edges.
    • - Equipped with counter.
    • - Fast, convenient unloading provided by air shaft on rewinder.
    • - Fully automatic tension control on rewinder.
    • - Triangle type sheet and film folding machine, easy to operate, fast output capacity.

    Golbal Plastic Film Folding Machine Manufacturer and Supplier

    S-DAI company is a high speed plastic bags machine automatic and related products international manufacturer in Taiwan, providing automatic polythene film folding machine, related roll to roll rewind system, and customuzed packaging production line with precision control by servo motor to United States, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, US, Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Bengal, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and French(français) speaking countries including Canada, France, Belgium, Cameroon at an affordable and suitable price. S-DAI sincerely invite you to subscribe and follow our official YouTube channel to get the latest industry machine product information of our company. All the details of this machine are customized to fold the most suitable style for the linked plastics bag making machinery.

    Highly Customized Polythene Bags Machinery & Auxiliary Equipment

    Relying on years of manufacturing experience on the auto side sealing bag making machine, precisely heat sealing device, film packaging & kraft paper making machinery technical, we can produce highly speed and high quality customized poly film converting & rewinding machine of the production line, satisfying your complete customized service needs on the plastic bag making machine production line. Facing various special diameter specifications or laminating films, we know how to make plastic film shrink more smoothly, and make the entire converting process double faster and more efficient. S-DAI Industrial is one of the quality manufacturers in the world, we must be your best choice when looking for related machine production additional equipment. We provide complete auxiliary equipment for the plastic bags machinery production line, you can find other auxiliary equipment that you may need through the abundant categories on the DM area on this site. We can design a high speed folding auxiliary equipment machine in accordance with the single layer or multi layer characteristics of the all kind of film products.

  • Model TB-1500AE
    Working Width ( min - max ) 0.1 - 1.5 m
    Speed/ minute 140 m
    Power Required 4 kW
    Machine Dimensions (L xW x H) 2.8x2.3x2m
    Machine Weight 2000 kg
    Machine Packing (L xW x H) 3.2x2.27x2.3m
    Packing Weight 3.2x2.27x2.3m

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.