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PACKAGING MACHINE - Side Sealing & Cutting Machine SDH-323SF (NC)

High-Speed Automatic Trimming, Side Sealing and Cutting Machine
For multi type of Daily necessities / delivery packaging

  • SDH-323SF (NC)
  • Product features
    • High precision cutting control provide by servo motor.
    • Material empty machine automatic stop.
    • High accuracy of pivot points tracing provided by high precision photocell.
    • Printing mark out of postiion machine automatic stop.
    • High speed conveyor belt & electronic parts special device from U.S. / Europe / Japan for long service life.
    • Easy to change /make different packaging bags.
    • Produce multi bag type in one machine.
    • Ruggedly constructed for maximum stability during high speed.

    Optional equipment
    • High speed round hole punching device
    • High speed Butterfly (Euro hole ) puncher
    • Automatic conveyor collecting table with arrangement system
    • Edge position controller (EPC)
    • Vertical continuous sealing device
    • Bag dividing device
    • Glue applicator
    • Zipper attachment
    • Ultrasonic longitudinal sealing device
    • In line folding device
    • Automatic Hanger insert device
    • Button bag device
    • Diaper bag device
    • Courier bag device
    • Security bag device
    • Recycle bag device
  • Model SDH-323SF (NC)
    Material OPP/PE, BOPP, PP
    Width of Bag 52mm ~ 600mm Max.
    Length of Bag 760mm Max.
    Speed (Carrier bag) 180 PCS / Min Max. 150 PCS (for glue skip)
    Speed 80~200 PCS/Min Max. Depend on material width& bag type
    Converting Thickness 0.025mm ~ 0.08mm Max.
    Heater 2.2 kW
    Motor 2 HP
    Packing Dimensions
    610 × 197 × 227 cm + 385 × 227 × 225 cm

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.
    *The machine with servo system the model number will with (NC).
    *All Specification depend on how your side sealing bag design (option equipment).