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Sheet Protectors E310-D

  • Product features
    • - Accurate tension control of unwinder at all times with air brake tension controller.
    • - Extremely secure sealing with ultrasonic welder.
    • - Superior positioning accuracy of servo motor driven outfeed.
    • - Very neat edges thanks to high quality edge position controller.
    • - Advanced function provides product counting.
    • - Automatic feed tension roller on unwinder.
    • - Maximum smoothness of film in feed affected by static electricity removing device.
    • - Punching and cutting molds are manufactured from special material to ensure maximum durability and long service life.
    • - Product collection tank is equipped with an automatic stack conveyor table.
    • - Folding equipment features automatic tension control and length counting.
    • - Waste rewinder.
    • - Marking device. For company logo or company name.

    Optional equipment
    • - Index device.
    • - Printer for numbers.
  • Model SDH-E310-D
    Length of Bag 100mm ~ 450mm Max.
    Width of Bag 100mm ~ 300mm Max.
    Speed 70 pc x 2 Max.
    Thickness 0.08 mm ~ 0.18 mm

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.