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Global Plastic Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

S-Dai Industrial office is one of the global plastic bag making machine manufacturers in Taiwan, not oly mainly providing all series polythene making machine such as automatic high speed side sealing and cutting bag making machine, bottom sealing and cutting machine, zip lock machine, carry bag making machine, and poly tape or pouch making related printing machine system plant and bag on roll type plastic bag making machine to United States of America(USA), especial in many industrial manufacturing cities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky and other emerging industrial cities in Puerto Rico, New Mexico, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia. In addition to the United States of America(USA), we also provide customized bag making machines to other countries such as Eastern Europe market such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia and Greece, and also supply to France, Germany, Spain, UK, Portgaul in Europe. In America we also provide polythene bag machine to Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Belize, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Panama, Peru and Chile. In Africa we mainly provide plastic bag manufacturing machine to Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Algeria, South Africa, and also supply to emerging markets the Middle East and Asia in recent 10 years such as Australia, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel at an affordable price, at a reasonable cost. We continue to accumulate various special customized specifications manufacturing experience in every country over the past 30 years. The following is a categories of the types of machines we can provide to you.

  1. Side Sealing Machine Application

    Side Sealing and Cutting Machine

    S-DAI fully automatic side sealing bag making machine system and customized parts are made available for diaper bags, sanitary bags, toilet paper bags, frozen chicken bag, fruit or vegetable bag, security-dispatch/courier bag, handle hole carrier bag, garment bag, book cover, hanger bag, hanging bag, T shirt bag, clear banking deposit bag, plastic coin & cash bag, security money bag and shopping bag making, or baseball card & game card sleeves manufacturing. Especially if you are looking for courier bag making machines and biodegradable plastic bag making machine, please click this section to learn more.

  2. flower sleeve manufacturing application

    Flower Sleeves Making

    Based on advanced automatic heat sealing technology and precision knife cutting control, S-DAI flower sleeves bag machine model products are all available for kraft paper sleeve bag, polythene flower shape sleeve bags for fresh salad, fresh vegetable, plants, umbrella, fresh flower, necktie, candy packaging, and also for triangle kraft paper bag making. Perfect cutting edge, and stable load bearing capacity on every flower sleeves. Applicable raw materials are BOPP, CPP.

  3. poly zipper bag making machine application

    Zipper Bag Making Machine

    High Speed zip lock bag machinery SDH-263SZ, 323SZ, 403SZ offer a veriety of polythene bags manufacturing and all can be modified by customized manufacturing available for grape bag, ,garment bag, ziplock handle bag, patch handle bag, sanitary bag, and supermarket carry bag making. And all our ziplock bag machine model products are also apply to pasted mesh plastic net bag making for fruit and vegetable packaging.

  4. Plastic Wicket Machine Application

    Wicket Machine

    Custom-made wicket bag machine SDH-322SW is available for making many king of polythene consumption bags such diaper bag, sanitary bag, toilet paper bag, chicken bag, bread bag, bottom square bag.

  5. Films Perforation and Slitting Machine Application

    Film Perforation and Slitting Machine

    Fully automatic power film perforation punching and slitting machinery system is available for all size packing flower, vegetable, plants, and bread package films manufacturing. For the purpose of ventilation, the machine model can be equipped with a precision punching system to punch the bag precisely.

  6. Plastic Film Folding Machine Application

    Plastic Film Folding Machine

    The folding machine model is available for multi plastics film manufacturing such as hot slitting continue sealing, security bag sealing attachment, printing serial number bar code, and QR code on the processed single film.

  7. Polythene Film Embossing and Gusseting Machine Application

    Film Embossing and Gusseting Machine

    SD-CD-40 making embossing on material for antiskid after stacked. Relying on a highly stable feeding device, SD-CD-40 can drive and achieve high efficiency Embossing and Gusseting operations, and ensure the embossing and gusseting quality on each piece of bag.

  8. Plastic Sheet Protectors Application

    File Folder Making Machine for Sheet Protectors

    Quality file folder making machine and related product SDH-263SC and 163SC are all available for 11 hole type file bag, flat file bag with logo, photo album, business card holder. E310-S, E310-D available for L folder, Index file with numbers, envelop.

  9. Polythene Bottom Sealing and Cutting Machine Application

    Bottom Sealing and Cutting Machine

    Customized auto bottom seal bag making machine SDH-324, 326 and 406  model; Our bottom sealing machinery model products are all available for handle hole carrier bag, Toilet paper, Tissue, Diaper, Fruit/Negetable.
    SDH-263Q, 326Q, 406Q available for bag of rice, raw material.

  10. Twist Gusset Machine Application for related polythene bag making machine

    Twist Gusset Machine

    SDH-29G is popular machinery model product for twin both side gusseting and turn printing position working. Achieve the accuracy for you on polythene film twisting and gusseting in a loop automatically.

Leading technology Side Sealing Machine Manufacturer in Taiwan

S-DAI Industrial Company is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of polythene bag machinery and side sealing and cutting machine suitable for a variety of material such as PP OPP CPP HDPE LDPE, and other common industrial plastic bag material used in film machine production. We are specialized in manufacturing custom-made poly bag making machines and side sealing machine, and the quality high precision cutting control provided and driven by servo motor. We have friendly provided the best bag making related machinery and side seal machine production line manufacturing, safe operating, strict testing, and responsible after-sales service to our clients all over the world for more than 30 years at an affordable price, at a standard and reasonable cost. Customized length, width, long, press weight tolerance, maximum and minimum load, printing devices, rolling devices, speed frequency of output, mesh layer pasting, food grade verified planning, multi function integration, and any details in each producing unit, core forming process, working production course. We can meet all requirements of every customer and design and manufacture a satisfactory integrated machinery to make a high efficiency performance on each process, even the immediate troubleshooting guidance online.

  1. S-DAI Advantages Quality control, the bag made from S-DAI side sealing and cutting machine and related series plastic bag making machine are all undergo strongth test.

    Quality Control

    Every machine manufactured from S-DAI must undergo strict quality control and repeated tests. We value the credibility.

  2. S-DAI Advantages Fast Outputting on each plastic bag making machine

    Fast Outputting

    Relying on leading peer technology, we can meet the two needs of fast output and stable bag quality at the same time.

  3. S-DAI Advantages High Customization on all series plastic bag making machine

    High Customization

    With more than 30 years of custom-made manufacturing experience on poly bags making, S-DAI can undertake any project.

S-DAI Polythene Bag Making Machine YouTube Videos Channel

S-Dai Industrial Corporation provides you professional and customized manufacturing services about bags making and related products to meet the new needs of world class B2B machinery manufacturing at the most economical cost. In addition to international exhibition, you really can view and follow our latest video information and playlist profile on the S-Dai Offical YouTube Channel Center to check the details of our various types of high speed and full automatic or semi automatic poly bag making machine. S-DAI take the world's leading star brand of electrical bag making machines as our business goal, and strive to develop more quick, more strong and perfect product lines of various types, invest double the research and development strength, improve each patch, easy each work process, strengthen each cut, find out the best heating, sealing and cutting policy, and challenge the min and max limits of custom-made dimensions, features and capacity on related machine bag making automation. As a world-class manufacturer, S-Dai have a professional computer graphics and mechanical R&D team, so that we can provide you customized services from thick to thin, from hard to soft on the material of the printed and finished plastic bag, or on the structure of the machinery, and from hardware specifications to software automatic control on all related poly bag manufacturing machine. Please send a email to contact us, we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and give you a detailed quotation for the machine in the video free of charge from S-DAI Taiwan office.

  1. Videos list of side seal bag making Machine and related plastic bag making machine on S-Dai offical YouTube channel

    Side Seal Bag Making Machine

    The custom-made side seal bag making Machine of all series models can meet the aesthetics and stability.

  2. Videos list of zipper bag making machine and related poly bag making machine on S-Dai Offical YouTube Channel

    Zipper Bag Making Machine

    Perfectly sealed ziplock, one of the best zip lock bag machine manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan.

  3. Flower sleeves manufacturing and other polythene bag machine videos list on YouTube

    Flower Sleeves Machine

    New flower shape sleeves manufacturing model is available for flowers, grapes, candies and sandwiches bags.

Vast Experience in Applications on Plastic Bag Making Machine

S-DAI is a global polythene bag machine manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, taking a customized stand on plastic bag machine manufacturing, and having a wide experience in various application fields on custom-made side sealing bag making machine and all series bag making machinery manufacturing. Our top technology leads the world's designed polythene bag machine industry and grows with many plastic recycling, blown film, and poly extrusion related machines manufacturing companies chains in Taiwan. In addition to the three most common application areas such as courier bags, food bags, and flower sleeve bags, we also have the ability to customize and plan production for each international plastic bags making factory, polythene bag manufacturers and industries from the initial T shirt bag making machine to kraft paper flower sleeves manufacturing tools and equipment, air bubble film bag machinery, garbage bag making machines, cloth bag making machinery, laundry bag machines and related plastic machinery. We are committed to manufacturing the electric plastic pouch bags making machine with fast production, simple operation and high durability, so that every operator can start and operate the machinery more time-saving and safer in each processing, so that your factory can achieve the goal of high efficiency production. please contact us, tell us your required application and special request, and let us show the past experiences in similar fields to you, and tailor all the details about the machine for you.

  1. application of plant and flower sleeve bags

    Plant and Flower Sleeve

    Whether the sleeve bag for flowers and packaging plants is made of plastic or kraft paper material, we can customize the manufacturing the machine for you.

  2. application of express and courier bags

    Express and Courier

    Commonly used in international express delivery, online shopping and general mailer plastic bags, we can customize and manufacture special machines for you.

  3. application of food and beverage bags

    Food and Beverage

    For vegetables, fruits, beverage, and other foods. Custom-made machine with precise punching, solid edge sealing, pattern printing, precise cutting for various shapes.

More Innovative Ideas of Poly Bag Making Machine

According to the needs of customers, we can draw the machine design blueprints tailored to the needs of our customers. If you have any needs or questions about customized plastic bag machine on roll type, packaging, color printing or related machines plastic bag making matters for industry, or if you are looking for a biodegradable or compostable polythene bag making machine that can be available for corn starch material because of the plastic limit on PP or other materials and environmental protection trend, welcome to write a email to make an inquiry to us, and concisely describe each feature of the machines or other products you need, we will respond to you as soon as possible and provide the immediate technical support on all specification terms of custom-made automatic plastic bag making machine that you order. The specifications and range of customized manufacturing on each optional equipment, additional machine bag making machine are all determined by the limit specifications. From plastic film making machinesrelated steel parts, key converting components, to the main bag making production line plant program planning, S-Dai can provide you a tailored b2b set of quality machinery and adjust each optional device for customized requirement for you at an affordable machine price. Welcome to visit our E-Catelog brochure online, and contact us to discuss the most suitable products and solutions for you, we will respond to your needs and offer a quote as soon as possible under the protection of your privacy. This website does not have a complicated cart mechanism, you can get in touch with us instantly just by e-mail all the year.