S-DAI is one of the world's leading manufacturer of Poly Bag Making Machine and Side Sealing Machine. We are specialized in manufacturing Poly Bag Making Machine and Side Sealing Machine. Side Sealing Machine & Poly Bag Making Machine | High precision cutting control provided by servo motor. We always provide the best Poly Bag Making Machine and Side Sealing Machine.

Home Machines
  1. Side Sealing & Cutting Machine

    Available for Diaper bag, Sanitary, Toilet Paper, Chicken, Fruit/Vegetable bag, Security-Dispatch/Courier bag, Handle hole Carrier bag, garment bag, book cover., hanger bag., hanging bag, baseball card, game card.

  2. Flower Sleeves

    Available for bag of fresh salad, fresh vegetable, plants, umbrella, fresh flower, necktie, candy.

  3. Zipper Bag Machine

    SDH-263SZ, 323SZ, 403SZ available for grape bag, shopping bag, garment bag, parts, Sanitary BAG.

  4. Wicket Machine

    Available for Diaper bag, Sanitary bag, Toilet Paper bag, Chicken bag, bread bag, bottom square bag.

  5. Perforation & Slitting Machine

    Available for packing Flower, vegetable, plants, bread.

  6. Plastic Film Folding Machine

    Hot slitting continue sealing, Security bag sealing attachment, printing with serial number bar code, QR code.

  7. Embossing & Gusseting Machine

    SD-CD-40 making embossing on material for antiskid after stacked.

  8. Sheet Protectors

    SDH-263SC, 163SC available for 11 hole file bag, file bag with logo, photo album, business card holder.
    E310-S, E310-D available for L folder, Index file with numbers, envelop.

  9. Bottom Sealing

    SDH-264, 326, 406  available for handle hole carrier bag, Toilet paper, Tissue, Diaper , fruit/vegetable.
    SDH-263Q, 326Q, 406Q available for bag of rice, raw material.

  10. Gusset & Twist

    SDH-29G for both side gusset and turn printing position.